Sales in Excel


30 EUR/year



50 EUR/year


Get 50% for every invitation

Invite new users, ask them to put your e-mail during activation and get 50% of the payment. User gets 10% discount providing e-mail of existing customer. When you accumulate 100 EUR we will contact you and send money via bank transfer. Bank fees are withhold.

Your email should to be put into the last field of the activation form.

Become a re-seller

If you know where to sell Tender File, we are happy to help you to earn money. Download anonymous version of Tender File, sell it to your customer with any price you want and buy activation code online.

Lite Anonymous


Corporate Anonymous


Contact us if you need a distributor agreement.

Payment via bank transfer

For companies which cannot pay online with credit card we accept bank payments. Details for payment is bellow. Please contact us for further insturctions. After payment reciept we will generate and send codes to you.

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