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Print borders


  1. In Tender File and Price File page borders follow your content automatically.
  2. Customer will receive only printable part of your Scope of Supply page inside blue borders after you save page in PDF.
  3. At some point you may unintentionally drag or click blue borders and make them static. They don't go after your content anymore.
  4. You can control boarders manually of cause.
  5. But you can also press hidden combination "Ctrl+Shift+P" to return automatic boarders.



  1. In the "Cost" column we provide real price of products, which we spend to buy them.
  2. If your supplier gives you 15% discount, you simply provide this value into the "Discount" column.
  3. In case you need to add some additional fees on top of product's cost, you can change the cost itself.
  4. But this is not a nice approach, because "Cost" column represents your real costs.
  5. It is much better to provide minus "-" discount, to make cost higher.

"Heading" line as a product


  1. In previous post we showed how to compile a scope of supply document, where one line represents one product.
  2. But sometimes we may need to indicate products, without indication of every item's price.
  3. Products are grouped and separated by a "Heading" line.
  4. You can provide quantity and price directly to a "Heading" line and delete prices of products.

Scope of Supply


Every commercial offer contains a list of products or services we sell. Such list may be imbedded into an offer letter or be a separate document. Here is the instruction video how you can easily create such document in Tender File.

  1. Goto "BOQ" (Bill Of Quantities) tab.
  2. Basic principle is to keep all your products in the database and choose them from dropdown list, specifying their quantity.
  3. Follow cells with red font and select products. Aim is to remove all red font.
  4. Unused rows you can simply delete. Not necessary but preferable to avoid possible mistakes in future.
  5. If a product is not in the database, select product with "Any" category and manually provide item's description, model, quantity and price.
  6. You don't have to necessarily select product from the list, you can type or paste its category and model. Sometimes it is faster.
  7. If you want to add a products to the database, you should create and type (not select) a name for category and model, provide all information and push a button "Products", then "Send to products".
  8. Prompt will ask you to enter additional info: cost reference, link to a data-sheet and comment. Leave it blank if want to.
  9. After new item has been added into database, it will not be visible in dropdown menu. Push "Update list" button, to refresh the dropdown list.
  10. When you need to logically separate items from each other, you should use a product from the dropdown menu named "Heading". New line will be highlighted.
  11. You can apply discount in a column "Discount". If you want to put additional price value, you can apply discount with "-" sign.
  12. Print boundaries should follow your page and automatically expand, when you add a new product.
  13. If some new product is needed, use the button "New row". New line will be inserted bellow your active cell.

PS. Video is voiced with computer. That's a bit stupid, but I did not imagine how difficult to record speech without stumbles. My english is not that good for that. You can enable subtitles by "CC" button, if needed.

Price File


  1. You compile a scope of supply document, put service hours, provide hidden costs, risks, internal expenses and set price with margin for whole offer.
  2. In Tender File Lite you set only one margin and price.
  3. In Tender File Corporate you can set three different margins for main scope and up to five options.
  4. It perfectly works for system business, but in products business we may need to apply separate margins for every offered items. Tender File doesn't allow to do that.

Welcome new Price File, where you set margin for every product right in the scope of supply document. It goes along with Tender File and doesn't need any additional activation.

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For web developer beginners and small entrepreneurs who want to make a site.

Here is the source code of my webpage with working payment system from Stripe. You only need to understand a bit of HTML+SCS and PHP to modify this code to make a site, which meets your needs.

If you don't know anything about HTML and PHP, don't worry, it takes 1 week of YouTube tutorials to familiarise yourself. Just try.

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